Wharton University Global Tour

London leg of a global touring alumni presentation at The Savoy Hotel
Client: Steel City Displays


Engaging with successful alumni business men and women in a uniquely presented and informal way, the London show was to play host to 200 guests and incorporate an unusual video format, staging and display platform. High level business presentations were to precede questions to the panel from the guests.


Integrating a 16ft circular stage, scalloped stretch fabric backdrop and branding the main feature was the unusually formatted LED video wall panels hung from truss goalposts either side of the stage.  With full brand compliant lighting to stage, set and room, a crystal clear Nexo audio system rigged with the show lighting to the ceiling truss kept clean lines to the room ensured the multi camera shot footage was beautifully presented.  Full installation, show and de-rig completed in 11 hours.


“This was the fourth of seven scheduled events; I can honestly say it was by far the most seamless, fluid installation and also the best, most impressive set of them all. You exceeded my expectations. The lighting effects were perfect. Your team was a pleasure to work with and your attention to detail was incredible. My clients were very happy and impressed. Oxygen had really done their homework, and you made it look so easy. Forgive my Yank expression but everything was awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anybody. I hope we can work together again because it really was a wonderful experience. “

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